Racerz !!!???

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New Member
21 Sep 2013
Bordeaux, FR
Any racers here, to fight on a track (instead of a battlefield), to burn tyres (instead of tanks) and to kill chronometers (instead of ennemies) !!!???

The games I suggest :

  1. Renault Truck Racing : legaly free, easy multi-player mode, customizable trucks with personnal stickers ...
  2. BMW M3 Challenge : legaly free, tricky multi-player mode (main servers are closed but easy local hosting ...)
  3. MotoGP 13 : ... free, easy multi-player mode, ...

Tell about other free games (the more simple the better) !
some members played Need for Speed Worls the free online version...
Odp: Re: Racerz !!!???

some members played Need for Speed Worls the free online version...

I tried to play Need for speed world, but I can not play joypad. There's probably only works for X box. In races playing on the keyboard for me misses the point :(
Re : Racerz !!!???

I can play all "my" games with a cheap joypad !
And force feedback steering wheels would be a real advantage !

I've just played once NFS World and I didn't like it !
Because it's a question of money, like BFP4F, where you can pay for better stuff.
And it's street races that it's not totally the same thing (and same fun !) as a circuit race (moreover when they are real one !)
But, if there is a way to play fun together, why not !

I really think the truck racing game could be the easiest and most funny game !
Not more than 160km/h (100mph) and enough heavy to stay on the track in corners, with 3 or 4 trucks at the same time !
Re: Re : Racerz !!!???

Does anyone play REAL RACING 3 ? I play it on the ipad, its a free download from EA where you can buy your way through or do it the hard way by racing. Its very realistic with almost all the supercars on real tracks.
This is EA going for the fast $$ market. Ive never spent a penny on it, I race to win cash and gold to buy tuning upgrades and new cars. Worth a look, if you dont like it pull the plug and delete it !!
Re : Racerz !!!???

I think I've downloaded it but not installed yet !...
But I don't know about phone gamers !!!... Can we race together on our own server ?
Re: Re : Racerz !!!???

So, where are the racerz !??

They are always too drunk to drive. :rolleyes: We can have quadbike/jeep races trough BF4-maps while waiting more players next time when starting server. :)

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