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Phantom EX-14

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30 May 2018
Greetings fellow Gamers,
(first off, sorry for my rusty english :p )
Known as Phantom EX-14 in Origin, I'd like to join the Ranks of your Community.

Any other Online ID's would belong to Steam (Phantom EX-14), Gaijin/War Thunder (Phantom_EX_14), Wargaming/World of Warships (Phantom_EX_14) and some MMORPG's.

My IRL Name is Nico Schulz, I'm 22 years old and from Berlin, Germany.
I'm a chill, quiet, responsible, honest, loyal and supportive person. (thats what others tell me anyways xD )
My hobbies, while I'm at it: Drawing, watching Anime, playing Paintball and Videogames (duh)
As for what I do for a living... I'm a Postman, plain and simple :p

I've been playing on the NRU server for quiet some time now and was satisfied every single time with the game sessions I had. This Server, this community is like the Family away from all IRL problem I face almost every single day (except on my day off :p ). Chill, relaxing, entertaining and always ready to have some fun.

I hope this is enough to qualify as a worth member of your Ranks and .... yea... I don't what else to write here.... so I'm just gonna end this here :p
Thank you for taking up time to read all this

Sincerely Phantom EX-14


NRU Heed
In which part of Berlin do you live? Also welches Bezirk ?
Also background checks will be done before deciding what will happen with this application :p

because of phantom is playing so long with us he is already checked. :)

nice you started this nico :D and its really about time be a part of us because you play with us already for so long time :D
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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
One thing you can be sure of on here is that we never mock people’s English especially when us native speakers aren’t always perfect.

Glad you have applied - about time. :)