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2 May 2012
close to Hamburg
As you may (or may not have read) Mrs Bond and myself went again on a "Boat trip" for my birthday.
We boarded the QM2 in Hamburg and sailed for Southampton (she continued then to New York).
Actually very nice experience, first time we joined another shipping line other than AIDA.
Completely different thing and set up. Glad we made it....especially sailing from Hamburg is always an Event, as the city seems to be the "secret" homeport of the Queen (as you can see in the vid).

We were actually greeted farewells with Rule Britannia and fireworks even at 1am :) Crazy People those Germans.

Someone made a Video and placed it on YouTube from the Moment we set sail....enjoy.

Will try to upload some pics from my phone....hope it works.

LOL Andy....the smurfs were on the landside only TG :)

1. Champagne for the Bond couple :) This is how to start a journey !
2. One of the many pools and Jacuzzis on Deck next to the Shuffleboard fields
3. Now this is what I call a funnel....and the horn is bloudy loud, you can bet ! Thanks Cunard Line for keeping the very same classic colours since 175 years !
4. On the way to Southampton. Weather was pretty murky and windy.
5. The Queens Room....the place for 5 o'clock tea and dancing Events in the evening
6. Our "stateroom" how it was called


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6. Library on board. Very nice, cosy and big. Said to be the biggest Swimming library worldwide with more than 8000 books.
7. Southampton 7am on 14.06.15 - We are not alone, with us are the Royal Princess (seen), Aurora of P&O, Celebrity Exclipse and one of the Star Clipper tall sailing ships.
8. Night Club and Bar G32
9. A view from the Passengers lookout below the Bridge. It is same deck like our stateroom was, so you had a pretty nice overview from that height.
10. Bye QM2, hope to see you again !


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Interesting pictures there. Does look empty. Thought there would be at least a towel or two on the sun beds even in that weather.

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