PLUMP, How to get some easy kills

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This is a little clip from yesterday night when @Body Bag and I where unleashing some damage on locker.

235kills :O
Screenshot 2021 02 16 04 24 51 30 3aea4af51f236e4932235fdada7d1643
every time i shoot with that hot air tube i get only assists :cry:
I never really use the noob tube, but this match I had a blast with it. I was really messing around with different weapons but ended up using my trustworthy aek because I know that recoil pattern like I know the inside of my house haha.
Kill assist is all I get on gunmaster! It is fun to try something different, the EOD Bot can be fun if you can get beghond them and just start picking them off one at a time. :D

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