Pixelot's new car i.e. gerontomobile

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NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Halmstad - Sweden
No snazzy car for this geezer but a nice and safe one; I'll soon order a new Volvo (what else, I'm a Swedish old fart), a V70 D5 (five-cylinder, 215 hp), grey metallic. Extras: e.g. black leather, upgraded stereo, two M249 mounted in the grill, special box for bingo cards and pigeon seeds. The diesel driven heater - incl. a timer - for the engine and interior is great during winter. This one will even have a heated steering wheel, good for those stiff old BF-tormented fingers.


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I'm getting to the point where we will need to consider getting a replacement car but have to admit that I have no idea what to get. Photographing cars for a living means I see all sorts but genuinely don't know what to get. I suspect it could come down to something as stupid as the colour and connectivity for iPod/iPhone etc. Some extras like active protection, thermal optics and reactive armour could sway my decision. Zuni rockets would be useful for getting MLCs to move out of that middle lane and flares to encourage tailgaters to back off.

Seriously though Volvos do have some serious weight in the doors!
I've been looking at the newer Honda Civics for replacing my old Focus, but I dunno choices, choices, choices
LOL.....it is like with Art's...you have thousand opinions and taste's.....

Volvo ? Isnt that chinese these days ? Shame....also that Saab is f*d up.

I would always recommend an Audi, though have to admit....the Caravan just Looks sporty and nice, but the space to stow is really pretty limited for a Caravan compared to say a Volvo or a Ford Mondeo.

But it is often just about how you like a car, not how practical or comfortable it is in reality...
We have a awd dodge journey with a 3.6L V6 in it putting out around 320Hp seen herehttp://www.edmunds.com/dodge/journey/2012/ my mother in law also just got a jeep compass it's a 2.4L 4 banger. 2012 Jeep Compass SUV Review | Edmunds.com hers is silver and out dodge is gray
AW: Pixelot's new car i.e. gerontomobile

I think it is a Family-Car. everyone buys his car for what he will need it.
Do you need it as a Family-car?

for sure equal parts are normal nowadays.
but i think more at the hole brand/company. if you think about volvo you have a old swedish company in your mind but it is a chinese one now. if you think about chrysler you think about a old US brand but its a italian company now. old british brand land rover is now the indian tata company.
I have a T5 Volvo C30 and love it to bits!
I had a look at MB, BMW and Audi on models on par with the chosen Volvo but opted for the Sino-Swedish car. The standard feature heater (with the excellent timer), stereo (the BMW and MB upgraded versions sounds horrible IMHO), nice sound of the five cylinder 2.4 L engine and value for money made the Volvo my choice. Low CO2 emission (126 g/km) was also a must.

I used to be a "SAAB man" for many years before they went down in flames; so sad that GM **** up the brand.

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