Pixelot's neighborhood

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15 Mar 2012
Halmstad - Sweden
First of all - thanks to those who have uploaded their pics!

Here are some from close to where I leave, more to follow...


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Awesome pics Pixi, also liked the pictures from your house you posted some time ago, seems a really good place to life.
beautiful pix, are those pictures you've taken yourself? if so very nice.

that looks a stunning place to live, I may have to add that to my visit wish list
AW: Pixelot's neighborhood

Fantastic mr pixelot,it looks like the real paradise,but where the f...... Is eva :)

lol looks like a good camera :D what are you using ?

and damn nice pics nice colorediting
very very nice landscape Sir_Pixelot, i love the pictures 3 and 4 .. : D .. thank you for the post ,So i took the photo you put 4 on my wallpaper on my computer thank you very class ...
and say to those who watch it : it is a colleague who did this photo of his home in Sweden ,: O ;) : D : D
Really beautifull tranquil lookign place Pix
truely amazing !....thanks :)
....i would say we all same some money for a nice trip to sir pix next year.
mrs. pix will love to have all us battlefield cocks around and after we are gone home she will make 3 crosses and love sir pix even more because she will see how "normal" her husband is. lol
Very beautiful pics. Looks like several people here have very nice home areas. :) Lol im propably only one here who lives in depressing suburb. :p

Lol that NRU Sweden meeting would be more crazy than business college students cruise, one my class mate ended up to swedish drunk jail and had "little" problems how get back to Finland without money etc... Lol epic student party stuff. :D
Thank you! :)

Yes, I've taken these myself and I use a Nikon D7100 with various lenses; software Lightroom 4 with Nik plugins.

And yes, we like it here; peaceful town and lovely nature. The above pics are from ~ 5km West of town, these two pics from today's walk in the forest are from ~ 10 km East of Halmstad:


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lol i have a nikon d7000 and i love it ;)

who doesnt like the landscape of scandinavia ;) the guys who dislike it must be ill in some way
@Laka: negotiations started with wife :)

Some more, this from a stroll today in nearby nature:


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Really nice pictures pixel you have a eye for taking good photo's
I agree with the german cock that the last pic is the best, but there all lovely photo's

Me thinks you have some real serious camera kit there to get photo's like that :cool:
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