photos of trip in "Zawoja Poland"

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New Member
24 Jan 2014
Poland Sosnowiec
Hello guys I have a couple photos I was be on the trip with my cousin and my friend pic. from "Zawoja" on the mountains "Giewont"
P5010005 P5010007 P5010011 P5010022 P5010028 P5010039 P5010043

Later I will share more from there :)
Odp: photos of trip in "Zawoja Poland"

and the second half is better :)

P5010088 P5010118 P5010126 P5010131 Sky Zawoja Trip 2 Zawoja Trip 3 Zawoja Trip Luna

the last foto it is 4 hours later driving with the car there ... Luna its in Sosnowiec my town about 114km
Odp: Re: photos of trip in "Zawoja Poland"

It is a trip evry photo captured the same day was do about 9 mounths ago ;)
very very beautiful pictures , beautiful hiking mountain ,:thanks: for sharing ,
be careful not to encounter a bear lol :)
Re: Odp: photos of trip in "Zawoja Poland"

well taken zims, you get a hint of elves from looking at these pictures XD

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