[NSFW] photos and videos taken by nru members

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Friend of the NRU
15 Mar 2012
gods country "scotland"
lakaelo asked me to start this topic,he was having pc problems and couldnt upload this picture

sure mate i will do it for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the chunky cock mad c4 pervert sent me this ffs just ffs


  • beast egg.jpg
    beast egg.jpg
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lmao u fanny...... just what was your search criteria to find that on google??
Funniest thing I think I've ever seen! I too nearly spit my drink all over my screens!

Eeeew. That is an image that will take a fair bit of therapy to forget.
thats just so wrong.

Sascha you are a Caburys anal fondant beast and I'll never ask you for easter eggs as long as I live
Lol nice if people checks forum at work and boss or other workers sees these pics. :D :D
Lol and people like me who did not know can read from later posts of thread what [NSFW] means after accident is happened. :D
I used to really like cream eggs .......but I prefer to eat them with my mouth not my arse...............feck that image will never leave me.
it realy does give a new meaning to "how do you eat yours" lol

here today goo tomorrow

unleash the goo

goo dares wins

have a fling with a creme egg

lol all real logos from the adverts lol lol
I've actually got some Cadbury's Creme Eggs next to me, don't know if I can eat them now.
Now i know i will have nightmares....... damn.....why did i browsed on the fórum so early???? My life will never be the same.

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