photos amateur random

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19 Sep 2012
france , ardeche
i do think this thread after the post Nimma (thanx for the idea) ,i like this kind of picture just for art or beauty to see ... DSCN0946 RSCN1063 DSCN1531 RSCN0517 RSCN0759


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I was expecting amateur porn after reading name of thread. :welsh: Nice pics Nao, especially these sunset pics. :)
for those who have me as a friend on facebook you already seen some of these photos ,often when i put them online i put a title for the layer sun i put ( goodnight the day ) (in french : bonne nuit le jour ) ,for the moon with the plane i put ( go to the moon ) (in french : direction lune )....:)
Lovely pictures indeed - relating to their inner beauty they are a little oasis of calm and serenity. Thank you, nao :)
Hi all lovely pictures nao but I would like to start a little game with you lot....
So the picture of the tree and cloud behind it :D what shape do you see in the cloud
what shape do you see in the cloud

thanx lady_manuela... it is always a pleasure to read you ,( pass the hello stefan (my supermedicman) from me ,:):)

what shape do you see Andy tell us all (you want to play Rorschach tests ...LOL ) ..........:) ,
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[QUOTE = ROMMELZ; 21495] qu'il aime piccys Etranges [/ QUOTE] semblable au pistil d'une plante qui peut être fumé LOOOL ...:)
very nice pictures ... thanx
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cette photo insolite de la couche du soleil, et (mais) dans le nuage est juste le reflet du soleil sur le nuage, parce que le soleil est déjà derrière les montagnes, DSCN1748


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Odp: photos amateur random

wonderful photos most like witch that shadow of the sun, I'm always be fascinated of phenomena like that.
And I must to own up when I read the topic I was thinking that it will be some amateur porn pictures :eek: hehe ;d

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