Phantom Agent

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NRU Member
6 Jan 2013
Hi all

Like lot of people hear, I try to get the phantom Bow. I order to get it I need to end the phantom missions and I need your help.

Have you tips to terminate quickly the missions and after that help me to go to the secret elevator with the bow.


See you on the battlefield ;) :tbag::tbag:
Some of the tasks will take time especially if you are not great at flying for example but an air superiority game should enable you to eventually get the required kills. Chances are most others will be there for the same reason. 200 tank kills can also take a while to rack up. For pistol kills join a pistol or pistol/knife TDM or conquest server with a high ticket rate. For two shotgun ribbons, again a high ticket locker server, something like the DBV, find one of the choke points, settle down and blast away. Worth turning off chat in case you get abuse! :D

The dog tags collection seems to be a bit of luck. I have three of them and got them on "normal" servers in the first place I looked! Still not got the whiteout one.

Once you have all you need it still seems hard to find another three folk to go in the lift. Had forgotten about this until I saw your post! I would like to get the bow for completeness but haven't seen one being used in anything other than gun master for ages.
Re : Phantom Agent

thanks for your advices. I will work hard for complete the taks
Probably the hardest bit is getting the 25 roadkills. You really just need to grab a jeep and go for it. If people do moan about anything just say "it is for assignment" - usually gives you a free(ish) pass. :)

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