Our Servers Gentleman´s T-bag Club No.1 & No.2


NRU Heed
think most of you already had noticed that we run 2 Servers now.

Gentleman´s T-Bag Club No.1
404 That page doesn't exist Battlelog / Battlefield 4

still running on the know settings. Max KD 2.0, Conquest maps most of the time.

Gentleman´s T-Bag Club No.2
=NRU= Gentleman's T-Bag Club No.2 by NoobsRUs | Top Maps - Multiplayer - Battlelog / Battlefield 4

this server is running in hardore mode. so its a lot harder to play but also a lot of fun.

both server are mostly full in the evening so if you need a VIP slot...a donation will help. :D


NRU Heed
i have to laugh everytime.... (y):D

[21:16:07] AdKats > Tell[5s] > MixloverThebig > Thank you for making our system look good. Goodbye.
[21:16:09] AdKats > US Rate: -11,6 t/m | CN Rate: 0 t/m | Flags equal, 2/CN gaining ground. | 2/CN wins in 2h12m.
[21:16:15] AdKats > Say > MixloverThebig BANNED by AutoAdmin for DPS Automatic Ban [4-RPK-59-84-4-141]
[21:16:17] MixloverThebig has disconnected from the server (reason: DPS Automatic Ban [4-RPK-59-84-4 [perm][AutoAdmin][Appeal at www.noosbrus.co.uk])..

lets make anticheat great again lol