Origins Of Irish Dance

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This video made me really smile.
Thank you, ulthart. :)
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Scottish dancing is slightly different as they can be bothered to raise their arms above there heads so they look really <insert your own word there>. My mother-in-law was apparently rather good at Scottish dancing and won many national contests. She was disowned by the family though for marrying and Englishman! They only other relative I have who is famous (infamous really) is Brian Charrington from my mothers side of the family. He even has his own page in Wikipedia! Brian Charrington - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Each region in Ireland used to have dance teachers that were held in high regard and the dances they developed were generally kept within that region except for when the old age equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing (which has a 16 rating if you watch it on iPlayer!). They were held in such regard that they would sometimes be kidnapped - nowadays you would have a transfer fee and signing on fee!

When teaching generally illiterate folk to dance the would often tie straw to one of a persons legs and then say straw foot forward, pumpkin leg back and so on.

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