oops sorry i got banned

Ivan Helovanitch

New Member
1 Jan 2014
Hi my game name is Ivan Helovanitch I was playing in your server on bf 2 on the first of January 2014 I was playing commander on blue pearl on the Chinese side and I was hiding under the bridge at the back of the map,as far as I know I didn't kill any of my team mates but was banned for doing so,the admin that banned me did not give a name all that was said was "banned for excessive team killing or by a admin",the only thing that I did that may have been wrong was artillery the US commander who was in the uncap and that as purely because I forgot what server I was on and in retaliation for him artying me.sorry.
I would like to be unbanned please I am usually a good player and enjoy using your server,thank you Ivan Helovanitch.Dave


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2 May 2012
close to Hamburg
I banned u because as you said you artied me in uncap. It was a round ban only, so you can join again.
Dont do again, otherwise ban will be longer.