Okay My game plays but my Score is NOT increasing.....

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25 Jul 2014
Having gotten trhough all the rest, and saved verything on te BF2Hu.b of course, I've had some great though sparsely populated games. None the less thy were good scores which didn't go onto my tally.
WHAT do I do about THIS?!!
hello and welcome in our forum bigwana,

as long as i know only the unlocked weapons and the ranks working well. the stats ( new points ) don´t count at the moment. the guys from the new bf2hub / battlelog.co working on that and i think it will work in short time.
I agree with Laka, I think they are still working with the database they got from GameSpy and are using it without manipulating it (adding new points) to prevent corruption of the Database. I believe they use a one way street now, where they take info from the database to give you rank, unlocks and points but do not add anything back to it after the game. Probably something that will be (re)added in the future. I think you should count your blessing to be playing with your original unlock atm... BF2 is still alive ;-)
Yeah the guys from Battlelog work on it! Will come the next time!
At the moment all servers are practicly "unranked".
Okay Gentlemen;
I got the picture and hope my points start rolling in soon- I don't want to be Gunnery Sarge forever and somehow it's not as much fun 'working for nothing'
See you out there.

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