Off to Hamburg for four days

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NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Halmstad - Sweden
So, loopy wife will drag me and kids to Hamburg on Sunday thus I'll miss the BF4 launch :(

Anyway, I'll report back re. any events of significance e.g. if I spot lakaelo in lederhosen & rubber bra being spanked in some Reeperbahn house of pain.

Cya folks!
You have to visit the awesome harbour Pixi. And maybe you find Bond there :))
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Re : Off to Hamburg for four days

good holidays my friend, take some photos for us :)
Have fun and tbag all our german friends if you see them. :D
Surprise them by sneaking behind them, poke their neck with your fingers and say "Lol i got your dog tags hihihi" and do TBAG or SMP. :tbag: :welsh:
AW: Off to Hamburg for four days

shit saw that to late, if i had seen lil bit earlyer i have want meet you there .
Dear friends,

Visit to Hamburg was fine especially since a) got away from hurricane at home (only storm in Hamburg), b) wife and kids gave German economy a boost (most shop owners can retire now with a smile on their face) c) I caused mega-mayhem disguised as lakaelo/psycho/Mr X etc. (Hamburg police will blame them) and last but not least I escaped the launch of that dreadful game Battle of Duty.

So, as proof - here's the old git on a Hamburg street:


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You guys know these internet trends how people takes for example pics of "planking" in weird places? You guys should go to famous places and take Sexy man pose -pictures there and create new "internet trend" of BF-fans. :D

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