Nru Tag Hunting.

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24 Nov 2016
Have a proposition.
Back in the days when I was a member of FIB we had a challenge amongst the members.
The one who has the most tags of the other members was the "Tag Hunter King".
simply get the tag and make screenshot.
On a new forum post we could set the picture of the current "Tag Hunting King of NRU".
Could you think it over and make suggestions if you have?
Think this would spice up the game a bit. o_O

Thx al ready for your comments and suggestions.
So after king, do we get queen, prince, princess, etc ranks. I'm aiming for princess then!

So we ne d to take a screen shot when we take tags. Bad enough remembering where the f button is....
Way to inconvinient to take a screenshot each time i knife someone of the clan. I also dont mind gettin on top of such a scoreboard.
So give Fortuna the crown.
It is still for fun. We only need the NRU dogtags.
Screen or a text on forum post. Confirmed by the one who's got kniffed.
Many things possible i'll guess.
Don't mind ether to be the King of Princess.

But I remember in the Old clan we had a lot of fun.
One thing keeps me still laughing, on TS I said "aah there you are". then he starts shooting around and running (jumping).
( was aiming with sniper riffle, so... :whistle: )
Maybe for the NRU video channel :sneaky::sneaky:
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well screenshots aint working for me but ill kick off Things today with a +4 to tag hunting on zavod for 4XParis X-D now remember paris ya need to confirm :p

ohh and +1 tag to paris too btw :p where i was the taken out player good one mate! ya getting it
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