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Friend of the NRU
15 Mar 2012
Hi Noobs!

As some older members may remember, I designed the NRU logo for your website. Unfortunately my friend contacted me to let me know another Battlefield clan, "Prepare 4 Battle", have stolen it for themselves:

Cheeky gits! So I wrote on their forums and suggested they remove it, but the owner claims it is his design as he remade it in Photoshop! Which maybe true but its still a complete rip-off of my design. Even the colours and elements are exactly the same! So its still a breach of copyright. For example I couldn't replicate the Coca Cola logo in Photoshop then sell my own Coke with that logo.

Anyway, I just thought Id let you guys know so you didnt think Id made it for them or whatever! I put a lot of time into making something unique just for you guys. Let me know if you want to take it further, I still have all the original files to prove I created the original.

ok, just made a posting at there site and i think this will work and they will get it. i hope its not really necessary that is start this because i have other things to do...

Hallo zusammen,

meine Name ist Sascha. Ich bin einer der Clanleader von Noobs-R-Us mit der Webseite Noobs R Us

Ben Bobby hat uns informiert das ihr rechtswidrig unser Logo benutzt.

Wie ihr sicherlich wisst ist es völlig unerheblich ob dich unser Logo "inspiriert" hat oder nicht. Es ist immer noch nur kopiert und mit eigenen Elementen ergänzt. Dies ändert nichts an den Besitzrechten und an der Urheberrechtsverletzung die daraus resultiert.

Aufgrund der Basisdaten der Grafikdaten die Ben Bobby noch besitzt ist es mehr als einfach zu beweisen das wir jegliches Urheberrecht an dem Logo besitzen.

Eine Benutzung wurde unserseits wurde nicht zugestimmt bzw. angefragt und somit ist jegliche Verwendung oder Abänderung unzulässig.

Ich setze euch hiermit eine Frist von 24 Stunden das Logo in jeglicher Form von euren Seiten zu entfernen. Wird das Logo nicht entfernt werde ich euch eine kostenpflichtige Abmahnung inklusive eine ebenfalls kostenpflichtigen Unterlassungserklärung inkl. Schadenersatznote schicken. Das Ende vom Lied ist das ihr das Logo so oder so entfernen müsst ihr vorher aber noch Kosten von 2.000-3.000.- Euro zu tragen habt.

Die entsprechenden Daten sind ja bei Denic hinterlegt.
Domaininhaber: Markus B.....
Adresse: Neubiberger Strasse 43
PLZ: 81737
Ort: Muenchen

Das ist nicht böse gemeint aber ich werde das Thema nicht weiter diskutieren. Es ist halt einfach so das das Internet kein rechtsfreier Raum ist. Also informiert euch bitte was so ein Fall für Konsequenzen und Kosten mit sich bringt und unterlasst sowas in Zukunft bitte.

Dieses Posting geht zur rechtsseitigen Absicherung der Fristsetzung auch per Mail an Prepare4Battle <scar @ ngt-zone.de>

Schönen Gruß
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lol never have laka as enemy he knows how to scare a German citizen... Paper and bureaucracy^^
The risk of putting anything on the net is that it is likely to get stolen. I know that we (OK I) see some pictures of signs and borrow them to place on the funny signs thread and technically that is wrong. In most cases they are snaps that were not created for commercial use.

I use TinEye.com to search for some of my photos to see if they are being used by anyone commercially. I've had a few publications request the use of a particular photo and I'm happy to let them use it. A couple were used for a San Diego book and the National Trust used one for a post card of Osterly Park near London. Any I've posted on Flickr are copyrighted so if anyone used them commercially then I have rights. If someone has downloaded an image and is using it as a desktop then I'm fine with that and hope they enjoy seeing the picture.

Photographs and artwork can often be used to inspire people. When going on holiday I will often look on Flickr for places we are going to get inspiration for photos at a particular location. I don't print them off and try to exactly recreate it but use from memory to see good places to shoot the scene or building.

Artwork is so different though. Whatever medium you use be it digital or acrylics or pencil someone had to actually do some work and actually create something. For someone to actually copy that and make a few tweaks doesn't make it a new, original price of art. There have been legal cases that support this.

Whilst looking through a camera lens I can be a little bit artistic and Lightroom and Photoshop help with that final image. The effort I put in is going somewhere, taking an image, then going home and finalising it for display or publication. For an artist they have to use their imagination and skill to imagine what the final image will look like and then use their particular skills to create that final image. I don't always like a picture or painting but I can appreciate the time and effort that has gone into learning those skills and using them. Blatant copying like this deserves a real good T-Bagging!

I like photography and it is one of the only pastimes I have found where I can be remotely creative. In the past I tried learning to play the guitar but found that I was totally inept at that. Along the musical route I bought a drum kit (which neighbours seemed to love :D ) and I was just as bad at that. Drumming requires you to keep a steady rhythm and I couldn't even do that! Music via computer means I can do something and would like to get better at that.

I also tried watercolour painting. If any of you have kids, my efforts were worse than a two year old's! Reading books and having lessons did help me to improve to a three year old but when your family look at you efforts and struggle for comment...

Sorry, didn't mean this to become so long a post but it was just to say how much it annoys me when people steal others work.
Thanks for the heads up Bobby!!! Still digging our logo a lot so be sure we will defend it by all means!!!
It seems they already took action (probably after Laka very polite post/email) and seem to have taken the logo off.
Aufgrund eines neuen P4B Logos ist unsere Seite momentan in Bearbeitung..

=> rough translation: because they need a new clanlogo the page is under construction

yeah seems they realized it was a fault ;)

end good all good ^^
Huh fair play they at least took it down, which I didn't expect considering how most on the internet act.
Hahah well done lakaelo!! Looks like your post did the trick :D
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good old german trick send greece letters with bad words and they will try to pay their debts

- but seems to have problems with left winged parties ^^

Hush! Dont tell it to everybody i sold our logo. It was hard decision between one kidney and NRU logo when i needed some fast money... :rolleyes:

Im quite surprised too they let it go and stopped using of stolen logo after only proper message about that. Maybe human race is not doomed yet. :p Or Laka tracked their homes and said hes gonna C4 them if they dont obey his demand quit using NRU logo? :cool:
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