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15 Mar 2012
hello nru`ers

i tought i posted it before nut i cant fid i back any more '

i thought i would be nice to have an ultimate nru goe coco night again like we did last year and 2 years ago

a night with every round a theme ore more themes


pistol only
no vehicles
sniper onley

no rules at all

a night where nrus goe coco and have fun with all the other nruers

i hope for some idead ad support and a great ight in the earby future lol
lol I'm up for some nru coco night!! Damn good idea roy ;)
I vote for everything is allowed without any rules :D
and i would still love to have some round with pistols and I/O - NO RULES also fine with me
maybe we can open a vote for a night in the near future ====
so what do we think on friday 1 februarry for a crazy coco night !!!
is this bf2 or bf3 and does it include friends of NRU or just you NRU fat guys ;) <3
judging the fact its in the bf2 forum, IM A COCK! ignore that question :p i haven't been to sleep yet :p
Feel free to join the cocks and teabag them proper.
i think every cock who is a fiend of the nru is welcom e but i wont decide it myself ... the more peeps i can kill the better ... to bad i suck at killong ... lol
we had a trial run this morning at 3 am lmfao ffs lauugh i actualy had a pee laugh lmao

i had on my special badger cloaking device muhahahhaahahha

good times with good lads,and threesix is the best non heed heed there is "but not in a gay strange way"

piffffft shoo you actualy havr to ask if your invited ? your in before some tag wearers lmfao
jim m8 we need to get together again for a fun night and one rule noly NO banning or kicking members or guests!fun nights are meant for us all to have fun killing and tbagging one another with out the worry of some cock kicking or banning!
Cmon decide the date! AreWeThereYetAreWeThereYet?? 1st Feb would be nice date in the nearest future!

Pistol/knife map would be the best choice and no rules!

But anything goes!

Is it also possible to join this said 'coco night' when I've just only applied (even though I'm not sure if this event will be within 2 months).
pistol and knife cool .
hi rebirth of course you are welcome to join in ..... is that your in game name btw ?

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