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NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
how can i use the NRU emblem in BF1?
hoe do i import it into the companion app?
Battlefield – Offizielle Website

login with your data :)

than scroll down a bit to the 3 banners. left BF1, middle BF4, rights site BF Hardline. so press BF1.

my site looks like this but you can´t see this without login. stupid
Battlefield – Offizielle Website

then put your mouse on your name in the middle. with that you see a link coming up on the right site where you can get into the emblem area.


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okay. i am in the emblem area than. but what next? i dont see how you can import a nru emblem there. did u designed a new one or did u import it somehow?
i copied macs emblem to mine now and equiped it again and deleted all others in battlelog. that worked. now its showing at least in companion app. but when i click there on view emblems" its not there. strange, but okay. still waiting for the patch that allows to ware my nru-tags again :)
guys, pls play bf1 ffs
but the other side i want to play bf1 and bf4 the same time
i enjoy playing till game die like hardline
sorry, i have deinstalled bf1 for this time. will start playing again if the rental server are working ( admin, kick, ban, reserved slots ) and we can rent a clan server. i will not play on this stupid EA/dice servers anymore.

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