Now this is how to launch a game

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New Member
15 Mar 2012
Been playing the titanfall beta & I must give credit to the developers for the stability of the game at this stage, I have had no lag problems no crashes no grfx issues at all, dice should take note.
That aside I quite like the game, it certainly has novelty value but I'm not convinced it would be a game you could keep going back to unless the future dlc is as cool as some of the stuff I've read but the maps are pretty cool & altho quite small they don't feel small due to the vertical nature of the game with wall climbing/running etc. the titans work really well & are not overpowered in the slightest, so well done respawn on launching a stable well balanced game that is a little different from the rest.
Its based off the source engine (2004) so I would hope to god that developers have that stable by now

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