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NRU Heed
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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
We spent a few days in Northumbria. The area is probably best known for Hadrian's wall and other Roman ruins. Here are a few photos from our visit but I will get more up on Flikr and put a link up at some point.

The house is Belsay, the Roman ruins are Chester's fort (part of Hadrian's wall), the castle is Walwark and the trees are of the night sky where we stayed. Though dark there was a full moon so not as dark as it could have been. And an owl.


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Why do I feel this irresistible impulse to go and see these beautiful places?
Because of your stunning pictures!
Where history meets nature, art and the present – that’s where I feel good abroad.
Thank you very much, Glen, I hope you enjoyed your trip. :)
Thanks for your comments on the pictures. Working my way through those we took so should have some more to look at soon.

The place we stayed was really nice. Had everything you could want and was comfortable. We had intended to have a few meals out but some of the local restaurants were shut (maybe not enough tourists yet) we ended up staying in and cooking. There were loads of birds to watch and enjoy the views. When dark the owls started hooting.

It is surprising how remote the area is with towns and villages being quite far apart and not many houses or farms in between. The area had very little light pollution so the night sky would be very good for stargazing. We had an almost full moon so we couldn't see as much as we had hoped.
Link to some photos of Belsay House. Not the prettiest house but has something about it. Part of the conditions of handing over the property was that it be left as is and unfurnished which is why there is wallpaper peeling off.

Flikr Link: Belsay House

From Wikipedia:

The house was built between 1810 and 1817 for Sir Charles Monck (then of Belsay Castle close by) to his own design, possibly assisted by architect John Dobson. It is built in ashlar with a Lakeland slate roof in the Greek Doric style. The house measures 100 feet (30 m) square, with a lower kitchen wing attached to the north side. Externally the house appears to have two stories,although there is an additional storey hidden within the roof space to house servants etc. This service side of the house was badly affected by dry rot in the 1970s and, following remedial work, it has been left as a weather-proof shell to illustrate how the house was built. The hall was the residence of the Middleton family until 1962.

The entire Belsay Hall house is unfurnished and maintained in a condition of benign decay, with only necessary structural maintenance undertaken. This allows it to be used as a setting for bespoke art installations each summer. Belsay Hall is administered by English Heritage and is open to the public. There are extensive gardens, formal and naturalistic, such as the Quarry Garden.

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