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28 Jun 2020
As you may have noticed, we recently decided to "wake up" our Discord server. Following this idea, this thread has been made to clarify and raise important points since you are a member of it to keep this place cool and clear for everyone.

I - Join us on Discord

Feel free to join us on our Discord at any time to have a talk and fun in a good atmosphere!

Here is a permanent link that you can use for yourself or share with friends: Join the Noobs R Us Discord Server!

II - Respect

First of all, it is obvious but we highlight the point, there are the same rules as we have in game concerning the attitude with other people. Our Discord server must be a place where it is fun and friendly to be for everyone. In case of violations of our Charter of Respect on Discord, we will take actions and according to the serioussness of the facts, we will adapt the sanction. So being respectful and not being a dick is all we are asking you.

III- Linking your Discord account

It is now possible to link your ingame playername to your Discord account. So when you will log in on Discord, a message will appear in chat.

When the names are equal, they will be autolinked but if it is not the case, you will need a manual link. Only NRU members are able to make the process of linking accounts to prevent any abuse. In that case, if you want to link your accounts, please contact us. We will first check if the account is correct and then we will link them. Don't hesitate to report any issue.

This is why it's useful and easier for you to use the same username on Discord as you have ingame.

[To NRU members, the linking command has been added to the command list]

IV - Multiple accounts

To keep our Discord server as clear and clean as possible, we are asking you to keep only one Discord account on the server please. If you notice that you already have several accounts there, please tell us the one you are using so we will remove the other(s).

V - Procedure and ban appeals

Concerning all the important admin stuff and ban appeals, we will not answer such subjects on Discord but on our forum.

We will never answer a ban appeal on our Discord so it is unecessary to insist. Here is the only place to appeal bans.

VI- Reporting a player

We added a specific channel on Discord that only NRU members are able to see, this channel will automatically show us any new report that happen in game.

So if none admin is online in game, instead of complaining in chat, you can use the report command and we will see it on Discord and if it is needed, we can take action. This will be much more useful and visible for us.

Just to remind you, the report command is working as following:

@report [playername] [reason]

All other public commands are available here.

VII - Roles and priviledges

[This part only concerns NRU members and Discord admins]

As you know it, Discord permits to add roles with lots of possibilities. It implies responsibilities and consequences.

There is a simple rule to respect and apply here. Never add a role for anyone before to be 100% sure it is a verificated account, whether it is to add role for another NRU member with admin rights or whether to simply add a NRUF member role.

The same rule applies when someone is asking an admin to link it's account to a Discord account.

If you are not 100% sure of who is owning the account, don't set the role or don't link accounts, we have all the time for the checks, this have to be very clear.
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