[BF4] Noobs R Us ----- Charter of Respect ----- 2020

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28 Jun 2020
For the attention of all the players who come to play on our NRU server,

Due to the sadly current large number of players with a disagreeable behavior on these times, this thread was created in order to reminds and supports the essential elements mentioned by @glenwilson which you will find here :

Racism is a scourge that cannot be tolerated on our server under any circumstances, there is no second chance so don't try. We said don’t try.

Racism is not a joke, racism is not a game, there is no fun to have from it. Humans suffered for that all over the world and are still suffering for that. Some people die from it, even in 2020.

So there will be no forgiveness, no second chance, no tearful complaint. If you try to play with fire, you will burn yourself and engage your responsibility.

We don't care about your skin color, your origin, your religion, your sexual orientation, your age, your english level, the color of your hat or the size of your dick, you are welcome on our server.

By playing on our server, YOU AGREE to adopt a respectful behavior towards other players. This includes not making seriously disrespectful or insulting comments, making inappropriate jokes, making troubles, searching provocation, encourage hatred of the other against another player or an admin on the previous evocated points.

Depending on the seriousness of their acts and behavior, offending players will be sanctioned by:

A warn,
or a kick,
or a temporary ban,
or a permanent ban.

All automatics and other bans can be appealed on our website here :

After reading :

If you are the witness of such an event, you can use :
!report playername reason
!admins (don't forget the s)
Contact us on directly here on our website.

We regularly check chatlogs and take actions. We will take the time to answer you if you have any question or any problem with another player on this subject, so don't hesitate.

The goal of this server is unique: to have fun in a good atmosphere. This is why we take all these measures, this is not about censorship, but about benevolence, so that every player who comes on our server feels comfortable by playing with us.

And don’t forget the most important rule : this is just a game.

Noobs R Us is an international and multicultural community composed by members and players all over the world.
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