Nike Or Adidas Or Something Else?

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aesics XD i always use their shoes on the clothes area i dont care what brand, as long as its comfortable :-3 XD
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aesics XD i always use their shoes on the clothes area i dont care what brand, as long as its comfortable :-3 XD

Comfort is the most important factor. Price/quality also important (for any purchase) no point paying £££s is somethingfalls apart after a few uses. It is like paying £3 for a white T-shirt that falls apart after one wash or £90 for a white T-shirt with a logo on it. £20 for a T-shirt that lasts a long time is much better value.

I've had Nike trainers that cost $30 and have lasted years but also had $130 trainers that lasted only a few months (both with similar wear cycles).
I really prefer adidas for shoes and hummel for clothing, I agree that some stuff with bad quality is overpriced, but when I know something is good I would rather give for it 100€ and for example that shoes will last for 2 years, especially for football, even tho mine can't last so long, max 1-1/2 year due to constant use, back to the point I would rather give 100€ for that, than to buy something for 30€ and it will break within 2 Months, and if I buy the same again and again and again it will actually cost me more than those good ones which I buy like every second year
Yes, quality is worth the cost. I got a YSL waxed coat and it cost about £120 (was a little while ago) lasted for about 15 years before it became sentient and left home. :) Was the best coat I have ever had.

See so many people buying very cheap shoes and clothes and having to throw them out after being worn once or twice. My wife buys shoes in the sales and they still cost about £70 in the sales but they last for years and remain comfortable. True they aren't in fashion but they aren't out of fashion either.
I agree with Mr Wilson. I'm more of a boat shoe person myself regardless of season. Sebago, Rockport, Timberland etc. and usually buy at sales. A pair of these shoes costing about £ 75 lasts for at least ten years i.e. good value. And, they're comfortable and not so prone to excessive sweating aka smelly shoes ;)
i don´t look about a special label anymore. but i try to avoid the posh brands like nike, adidas, puma or something else because of the negative experiences with them. i am not willing to pay good money around 80-120.-€ for a pair of shoes and if you really use them, iam talking about using like go for a walk with the dogs and so on, not only having them on your foot to standing around in the city lol , than at least after a year you can see how they slowly falling in parts.

because of that we are only buying walking shoes from mammut, lowa or salomon instead of sport shoes. in my experience they have a equal or even better comfort but a better quality. ok, if you will buy a new modell you have to pay around 120.- to 160.- € but if they are on sale you can also a nice pair for 70-100.- €. this shoes are made for a bit stronger using and you can see this when have a look at them.
Incidentally, I bought a new pair of sturdy shoes for walking as my trusty and comfy Reebok walking shoes gave up after 10+ years of hard work. Got these for £40 (sale), excellent value IMO (Reebok M WALK ULTRA V DMX MA - stupid name (n) :D) :

Pix shoes

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