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Friend of the NRU
9 Feb 2014
hi guys an gals, just a quick message i know i havent been around much latley, not gonna go into detail but i have to have surgery on my abdomen 12th june so then and after then i wont be around for a while, not been on much as the other half has had alot of time off and ive been stressing out about the operation i'll try get on as much as i can before hand i think im starting to have withdrawels from not playing bf4 lmaoo, i havent dissapeared so dont panic and ill see you fuckers soon
AW: News

good luck with ya surgery mel,wish you all da best,hope we see ya soon on the battlefield ( also in bf2 ).

regards: Chris :)
Hi Mel sorry to hear about your troubles but keep in high spirits
Hope all goes well with the operation in June everything will be fine
Take it easy and get your partner making loads of cups of tea that'll keep you warm and cosy :p
Our thoughts are with you plus if you just need to talk we are here

Take it easy Mel get well soon
Hopefully everything goes well. Get better soon. :)

Lol laka is cock. :tbag:
wish u all the best for ur surgery, mel.

get back well and soon.
i feel for ya mel but certain youll make it back in no time :) till then stay safe :)
And heres me thinking she was gettin her tits oot too... FFS, almost had a use for my curtains too...

Best thing to do is not to stress about these things Mel, the operation I mean, not the getting tits out part, hopefully all goes well and see you back soon! :)
See you soon Mel.hope all goes well.I'll still harass you on Facebook :)

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