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5 Feb 2013
I opened this as section to keep the BF2 players informed about whats going on at (our new Launcher)

From their website:

Time for the Friday update. We plan on releasing an updated launcher today or tomorrow with many more features, fixed bugs and more that should make everything more automated to the average user.

Still in Beta, but its slowly coming together.

Now the main news is our collaboration with BF2Hub. As we've mentioned before we've been talking with the great crew at BF2Hub for the past few months already and can pretty much say we've all come to a great conclusion of what may happen. This will be announced a bit later with our Roadmap page which will show you our current process and more.

To summarize our collaboration with them: We will definitely be merging our systems together into one. We all offer great tools, assets and talents to bring to the table and to create the best community-driven Battlefield 2 ever.

(also they have in mind to add/merge BF2 Special Forces into Original BF2)
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If they like they could add even this :) (its a screen from BF2 Mod Battleships)


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From their site:
"Changes to the game are not in the cards at the moment at least for us. Any change we make will purely be for visual aspect better graphics More crisp edges what not.
But any game play-ability changes will become a Secondary Mod called BF2R."
More AA more AF better textures? lol just they never really explain themselves
News from today:
We're hoping to release the new launcher today which will include all those bug fixes, automate things and speed things up.

We're also going to be testing the additional content stuff. We'll be including a new small map in the update: Airport. Modified to be China vs MEC. We've tested it and so far its pretty fun mix of infantry battle.

Everything is slowly coming together!

(Don't have new maps to be installed on server site too?)
We are getting super close. I'm getting super close, But I'm not comfortable yet releasing the latest update yet. To buy your love we have added a map to the collection called "Airport" Its a really well done map.

I'm delaying the update till tomorrow please don't hate me I have a good reason!


We are coding all these cool sync features into the launcher to keep your game up to date with the battlelog. The new launcher will solve many issues with accounts not working. It will solve the issue of our launcher pissing off PR/FH2 (I am sorry in advance PR team for the sort comings of past)

Now you can edit your profiles without the need of game spy retrieval.

As well I wish to retract my previous news post about all our code being custom. I was not clear enough in context. Everything you see on this website is 100% custom code. However We woul
From Battlelog:
IF anyones unranked servers are now failing to startup properly, download our stats and unlocks binarys, its because the heartbeat server at gamespy had still been online, and they just killed it. Our server binary and exe call to our server for heartbeats.

edit: but I think we did, unless there is a new version from BL?
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We already are using the modded exe. I looked at the download and the readme with it lists 04-08 which is the one we're using
Yer I just noticed, just asked Jon to compare it with the one on the server as we can't ourselves.
honestly....i would try to start our own ranking on IO/airport and if this good working bring it up to nofly. and then kick the guys in the balls and ass to fuck off. really this guys annoying me. searching hole day the server issues and than its because they updated something without any info. cocks.
I personally agree, but I think if we dont use their system with the saved Stats from Gamespy on No Fly, we will not attract much players because they would miss their old Ranks. All those 3Stars would cry... so I also would say, lets try it for now in Airport.
however, my opinion is not to make the guinea pig for that bunch of sorry, idiots. if they have a stable system ok. but i think we don´t need to reinstall the server every 3 days or searching the errors for that cocks. sorry i am pissed of such crap they doing there.

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