Newer Aurora Borealis

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Odp: Newer Aurora Borealis

Wow this is awesome.....Thx for sharing :)
Incredibly beautiful.
Thank you very much, crn. :)
A truly heavenly vision. :alien:

Must be on :) AciiiiiD :)
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Re : Newer Aurora Borealis

I hope to see a real aurora borealis with my own eyes before I die !
It must be something that make you feel so small (humble !) and supernatural feelings such as watching through a telescope : power and hugeness of Mother Nature !

But this topic should be here, shouldn't it !?
Usually these lights last quite little time... Sometimes they just last and last :)

Spliffy, you are right.. Could some red coco move this thread?
Re : Newer Aurora Borealis

Another one, by waxxzer's artist:

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