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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
I really liked the "old" Top Gear and am looking forward to "The Grand Tour" with Clarkson, May and Hammond. So when the new Top Gear was shown I was a bit worried about what it was going to be like. Well I needn't have been worried as the first episode was, well, awful!

Obviously with new presenters it will take a time for them to gel but LeBlanc and Evans were stiffer than two 4x2 planks of wood. There was just no chemistry between them. As for the various films I just found the fast forward button too useful. It was almost like some folk (with a huge budget) making their version of Top Gear. The whole episode felt scripted. The C/M/H TG was scripted but just didn't feel like it. The challenges were edited to make it feel as though it was done in real time but this was just awful.

I admit I don't like Chris Evans and this didn't change it. Clarkson and May are journalists first and it shows in the way they present and the honesty of their views (that also applies to Hammond). Evans just felt as though he was reading the car's brochure. Sabine Schmidt would be far better than Evans. It wouldn't surprise me if Evans was dropped in the future. I'll watch the next one or two but if it doesn't improve then...
watched it too yesterday and same to you, i love the old top gear and watched all of them. but to be honest, the new top gear wasn´t such bad in my eyes. ok, some parts was very awfull and more a cheap repeat of some of the old episodes.

and please don´t say that sabine schmidt can more there. i know some of her german TV "shows" and she is really 100 times stiffer as any wooden plank. absolutely awfull and not a little feeling to be "real" in TV. guess she need a script just for asking her "how was your weekend?"
At least Sabine knows about cars. I know Evans has Ferraris but doesn't seem to know how to talk about them. The Blackpool thing was awful. Hope it gets better.

The old TG is still watchable even if you have seen them a few time but there was nothing in that I would want to watch again.
agree with that blackpool thing. that was soooo uninspired to drive with the robins around. that was like 100 times before. the boys driving around and one of the cars broken down but this time even more worse because there was no mocking around just pickup the car and we go again.

if i think back to the robin episode with clarkson. i had tears in my eyes lol ....more and more i think about the new episode, more i agree with you. it was awfull lol

sabine is just a no go for me. she is horrible before a camera. every 6 years old pupil can read a poem better as she doing her moderation. AHHH....

however, i am curious was the next episodes will bring us.
It will be interesting if they do a longer special episode. Watched it again just to see if it got any better. It didn't for me. Feels as though there should be a third presenter to make it more balanced. We've only seen Sabineon Top Gear so have nothing else to compare. Also, she seems "typical" German to me so maybe that alters the view of her. :)
could also be a "native language" feeling / problem. so, that i don´t get the little subtleties from the english speaking moderators. but i get it from a german speaking moderator like horrible sabine if they doing a german moderation. lol
That is true. We get (in a comic German voice) "Dis kar hast maany hos power und goes rund korner rely wel." And you do lose the subtlety and inflections in the voice that a native would notice. :)
Le Blanc wasn't too bad, Evans just needs to relax more. The Extra Gear show wasn't much better either
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Caught up with the series by watching episodes 2 and 3. The more I watch it the more I find Evans and LeBlanc not really right. The two other guys who were in episode 3 seemed to be OK. I wonder if the difference is that they are journalists who have become presenters rather than presenters probably reading someone else's writing. I know the old Top Gears were scripted but they didn't feel scripted. So far the "races" just seem to be really lame, almost as though they have run out of ideas (the three 4x4s is an example where none of the things they did were either exciting or different). Probably will watch but nothing there to make me watch anything again so far.

I think Top Gear has really jumped the shark and maybe should have been killed off when the had the chance. Trouble is that the BBC probably makes a fair amount of £££s from the program so it is unlikely to kill it off just yet.
holy shit. just watched the 3th episode of the new top gear. OMG what was that a crap and boring piece of shit. even more with my favorite "useless cunt" lol sabine schmidt. even the view words in german, announcement of the stig, she was not able to say it clear and without being tangled lol
at the end with ken block i thought "ok, not its get interesting" but ffs its the same sliding, drifting shit you can see 1000 times on youtube.

really ffs what have they done with top gear?!?
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I've tried to have an open mind about it but it feels more like a Saturday night game show. Yes, some of the old challenges were a bit stupid but there was a class about the production. So far, the challenges are the sort of things school kids would think up. Evans has a three year contract but I can't see it lasting that if it doesn't improve especially with viewing figures plummeting like they are.

The old Top Gear at least had some semblance of a review of a car but Evans and LeBlanc don't have the skills the the other three have. May can make reassembling a lawn mower, guitar and telephone an interesting half hour.

It will be interesting to see what The Grand Tour is like.
thats still a big point. top gear is still a "car show". it was always more a show as a test or car report but that was the special bit on this show. bring up a story with the 3 blokes moking each other and beside that, report a bit of this car. but the new topgear is only show but not giving any info about the cars, exept "uuuuh its so fast" lol

even the other presenters ( maybe they are known in UK but i never saw them before ) are a bit clueless and, that the point really annoying me, looking more as some school class speaker from the middleschool. lol

its all just a smooth, glib show without the rough edges from the old top gear.

i guess at the point, when the Grand Tour is going on air, top gear will die in shame....
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Some good points there. It was three mates doing stuff with cars but where the cars were a main feature and you felt that they would actually go and have a pint and talk about cars.

Your previous point about the London section being like a YouTube video is true about a lot of the show as a whole - people doing stupid stuff to get views rather than anything different. The 4x4s in South Africa could have been filmed in any 4x4 testing area (apart from the scenery).

The McLaren section was just about how fast it goes yet if someone like Clarkson had done it you would probably got a better idea of how it actually felt to be in it. Even Jenson Button did a better job of presenting. The McLaren F1 is a pig to get into. Got stuck getting in to one when I was fair bit slimmer!
Sabine talking english sounds pained. I'm sure shes a nice enough lass but doesn't fit for this show. I think the extra gear guys should do the main show.
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Agree with that. I think their journalist backgrounds helps and they probably write their own stuff so aren't having to read it as lines.

The "challenges" are more to do with the extra folk they have on, like the chefs in the latest one than the cars. It didn't matter that they had old cars as you didn't really notice the cars. It was more like an advert for the train.

The studio stars are the same, only there to plug a book or film or something. The actual lap is boring and I've done bigger jumps in my own cars.

The "Extra" program is not bad.

I can see changes being made soon especially as view figures are dropping with each episode.
agree, the guy from the extra gear show ( you mena the black dude? ) is looking like a competent car / automobile journalist BUT he is such a "normal" guy. without any rough edges and with one word, boring.
even more he looks so young and more like a junior journalist just jumped in from school.

i guess that shows up the hole problem and why they have started that "extra gear" show. you have the main show with some blokes ( and awfull sabine ) which are not able to make a more automobile journalist based show and with that knowledge they have started the extra gear show to bring up some profound infos about the cars from the show.

no words from me to the "challanges" lol that is just a joke. the best prt for me was....they started in London, sitting in the car and driving maybe 5 seconds and next i saw, they arrived at paris to meet the chefs. lool what happened on the way? some cars broke down, any mocking and banter?!? nope, nothing. lol
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They're trying too hard too soon with the challenges, plus they don't need x2 guests on each week either. As for the "rally cross" course, its about all they could probably get away with for insurance reasons alone.

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