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14 Oct 2014
hi guys just wanna introduce myself, from the UK origionally but now live in spain, 52 yrs young lol, real name sam, been playing on this server only a few days but find it to be a great server, cheaters kicked and banned, i know how difficult admin can be as am an ex admin from BF2 with stoneys air wars, hope to see you in game soon
take care for now

Odp: new noob Assassin9562

Welcome to the dark side :)
Re : new noob Assassin9562

Hola muchacho y bienvenido en el forum del Noobs'es'Nostros !
Estas en España del Norte o del Sùr ?
Por el soledad, por una chica o por el trabajo ?

Hasta la vista !!!
Hey mate, welcome to the forum. 52 years old and Ex Bf2, sounds like ya fit in here. ;-)
Hello and welcome, Sam :)
hi guys and thanks for the welcome and replies, playing BF3 at the minute but have 4 also ( BF4 is a bit too fast and furious for me, need more practise hahaha ) and spliffy estoy en la costa oeste, cerca de alicante, no para el trabajo, pero siempre abierto a las sugerencias de las damas hahaha hope to see you guys in the game soon

No I don't like the name, it means he's likes to play sniper ??? lol .
charge the flag like a "real" man :)
Well, welcome any way . atb to you Mr. Ass'
Hi and welcome. :) Most BF4 maps are too small for 64 players and that makes game so chaotic, i suggest you should try servers with less players. Visit our BF4 server, there is lots of not so serious fun players and its never overcrowd. You would like it. ;)
"accidental" he says????
yeah right
an opportunity for T bagging :D
I got last night kicked for tbagging on MhSv-server. There was shitload of kids yelling stuff what should get them banned after every death and nobody cared about them but i got kicked only for tbagging. :D :D I guess there was not admin and somebody cryed to admin something !report Heikkinen tbags buhuu, or lied i baserape or something so somebody kicked me without looking situation of server at all. :p
got kicked from one server myself , maybe they just don't like new guys ?? I was just playing my usual game .. no explain , just kick .

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