new maps in bf4 are comming

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NRU Heed
some of you know that this maps are coming, i think this year, for all.

the new bf4 dragonvalley map is fantastic but i haven´t played them yet.

but yesterday i played the new community map and i have to say i like it and it feel brilliant, even if it isn´t finished yet. lovely landscape with foggy jungle, old temples and it looks very balanced.

holy hell, damn i cant wait! XD are we gonna add it to our map circulation ?
i thought night maps come with the "fall" patch which comes in a few weeks and the rest later in the year ^^

upcoming rest should be community "jungle" map and dragon valley without specified date could also be next year... they promise night maps since ages but i havent seen a thing^^

i dont want to be beta tester in CTE they shall better pay their testers! ^^

it has been said that there should come more old school maps from bf2 and bf bc2 but they are not announced yet
I've played on the CTE platform a few times and on the Dragon Valley map. Thought it was a generally good map with lots of different terrain levels so should sort all sorts of players (heli, tank, sniper, er specialists. :D

Getting people to play on the CTE isn't to get beta testers on the cheap (they get that when we pay and download the 1.0 version) but to get a realistic idea of what happens when people play the game for renal and do things outside of the normal parameters. When we were creating Mainframe systems you would test each individual program when writing the code. You would then formally test the program for all the inputs and options that were in the program. Trouble is that as you had written the program you knew what should be entered in each field and what behaviour you would expect. At that point the whole system from end to end would be tested with all programs in the suite. If that was OK it would be let loose on some testers (the CTE equivalent) and that point you had real users testing the system and they would do things you hadn't planned or expected them to do. Testing is expensive and you do have to eventually let the stuff out into the wild. Even then you will find there are bugs in any system. Most will be minor, but you will sometimes still get a major bug as it becomes integrated with other systems.

So when an online game gets released you will suddenly have thousands of people on as many different hardware setups (console hardware is much more consistent), different network speeds and so on. Whilst CTE will not emulate all eventualities it should help identify some issues that wouldn't have been seen through internal testing.
fing awsome! XD i sure as hell cant wait i think it will be a blow back to Battlefield Vietnam xD
Played it on CTE and have enjoyed them. Seem to have good balance for most types of player. Probably not really an NRU map as there are more than one flag! :D Being free for everyone is a good move too. It would be nice if they also made all the premium maps open to all too.
Gotta say the new map is really good in most modes except gunmaster which I think is a pointless mode, TDM works really well, plenty of trees jungle vegetation for concealment.
I've been confusing the new map with the on that is on CTE at the moment. Gun master is an awkward format that I would like to win a round of just once! I can start off OK but then I get stuck on a weapon yet rack up loads of kill assists. The most stupid version is the one that starts with the ballistic shield. Try getting a couple of kills with that as soon as a couple of folk have 'normal' weapons. Conquest and TDM were good even without a full server.

As an aside, I like the way that we seem to attract folk from all over the place. Seeing folk joining the server from all over the place is interesting and hopefully some will come back.

This new map, and the one on CTE seems to have a lot of thought put into them. This one has quite a few terrain level changes throughout the map so snipers do have some vantage points but they don't have a view of the whole map. The temple area has enough tunnels and entrances that mean that you can't just camp in the middle and keep control of it.

There are other details that are interesting too. You get the flys around the rubbish tips and one of the pick-up weapons is the gun off the hell which can be a beast. Doesn't have a huge mag to enable you to level and area but is fun.

I think the future of BF4 is looking quite bright. Hopefully they will continue to develop maps for it going forward. Given that BF4 is now 2 years old you would have thought that BF5 would be on the horizon yet new maps are still appearing on BF4.
sadly i haven´t played enough on the new map. mostly i missed the conquest rounds. with gunmaster i have the same opinion. i still don´t like this mode but always good its mostly a very fast round. but on long sight i think we should kick gunmaster out of rotation.

i also hope that we get some new rondom player with the new map and the can going to be a regular at some point. same development we had with our CZ / HC- guys. :D they are also playing nearly every evening on our server and sometimes i think they must be some kind of nest, seeing there are playing 6-10 CZ based player :D

next map will be the dragon valley map from bf2 and with that i hope we will have some decent mappack to play at and to stay player active in bf4.

after all i really have to say bf4 is the battlefield with the best value. never had so much good maps at all.
I too have the bow. I assume you still have to go to the hanger lift to unlock the Phantom Operative assignment though?
I too have the bow. I assume you still have to go to the hanger lift to unlock the Phantom Operative assignment though?
I guess guys who gets their bows pussy way as free gift still cant enter that Phantom base of Hangar 21 without doing all phantom assignments and having all Phantom stuff. So they cant pick up that paper there to unlock that Phantom Operative assignment (200 kills and 50 headshots with bow). When i completed Phantom Operative i got 2 little key card dog tags. Im all time hoped these little key card tags are key to somewhere cool secret place in new maps and with them players who did all Phantom assignments can have something cool like new special weapon as reward for effort. :)

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