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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
IMG 2738 Finally got a new (another) iPad. Had been debating for ages should I get an iPad Pro mainly because it has 256gb of storage and given the demise of my iPod Classic would enable me to have all my music on one device. Streaming music at home is fine but when traveling it is not a practical option.

My iPad Air 2 is over 2 years old but when on holiday in Alabama somehow got a bit curved as you can see in the photo. Still don't know how. It has worked fine but recently there as been an increased chance the screen may pop out! That has now become the living room remote for satellite, TV, receiver, etc.

With the latest iPad it was at a decent price so I went for that. It is definitely not an iPad Air 3 as the screen isn't laminated and the home button feels cheaper too. However it does have a reasonable processor and does everything just fine. An iPad Pro would have been close to £1000. Went for the 128gb Wifi version as I didn't need 4g as the iPad Mini acts as a hotspot though I do miss the GPS function that only comes with the Wifi/4G version.

This is the 5th iPad I have had. They have been iPad (original 7 years old), iPad 3, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini and the latest iPad. All of them are in daily use still. My Mum had my old 3 and her friend has the original. I know there are other tablets but I still like the iPad. Really don't like Android based devices as whenever neighbours have had issues with them it has been baffling trying to fix them as there are so many OS versions that seem to get forgotten and become unsupported.

As for the iPod, it is impossible to get spare HDDs for it that are 160gb. So for the car I have a 128gb USB stick and have had to be selective on the music put on it. That should be OK for traveling as most cars seem to have a USB port as standard now. When 256gb sticks come down in price that may be an option. Have looked at other MP3 players but none seem to go to 256GB or if they have microSD card expansion support 256GB SD cards. Given that many support uncompressed files I find that a bit strange. Even the £1,600+ devices don't go that high with storage. :(

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