New hardware for late night gaming

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25 Mar 2012
heres my new hardware for the latenight gaming times :p fooled ya didnt i ? XD

made some personal adjustments so it fittet me better :p


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Lol nice. ;) I should take tattoo like my avatar picture with text =NRU= COCK :cool:
i have one of those at my work :D

LOVE it ;) they all dont know what NRU is (one googled it and found our website now they know ^^)
still need that red nru hoodie jacket with that vertical =nru= printing.
pm me for adress if u want to send me this gift
:) :) .) :)

oh. have to mention in xxl size because these clothes are a number smaller than in explanation!!!
lol nice and this is a very nice idea to change it to "official NRU teabagger"

thnx mr lakae :p fits me better than shirtlifter XD cause everyone in NRU know my evil playstyle :-3


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