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30 Jul 2017
I was wondering if someone know a good budget gaming headset that works on both pc and consoles(xb1 & ps4) ?

Need to keep my spending low a bit, since i need to get a 2nd car for my GF or should i just get a new 1 for myself and let her have my current 1 :p
Not sure of the price but I got hyperx ones which come with a 2 to 1 converter for ps4 etc.
As far as I know even if you get headset with a USB connections (like my headset - gigabyte force h5) you will still be able to connect it to PS4, but not 100% sure, also on xbox those usb ones won't probably work but you can still try :v if it doesn't work after 20-30s it won't work at all
I use Audio Technica M50X as I can use them on anything. Obviously not a gaming headset as such but good value for all round use. I changed the cushions for something more discreet - those have more room for old person ears and are very comfortable for long periods. Used them on long flights and they have been fine.

I couldn't justify spending much on a dedicated gaming headset so have a separate mic if need to speak to someone.


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I guess a headset with a 3.5mm jack would work on all gadgets. Have to read up on usb wireless will work on consoles.

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