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15 Mar 2012
Hi guys just curious, what you're of gaming headset you use.I' looking at the logitech g230 its $45 im also liking the siberia v2 full size gaming headset,i currently have the razer b l ack sharks but the mic is screwed on it, it has one line coming out of the headset abd the mic feeds my audio back into the mic its weird,.but let me know what you guys use for headset please and thanks mates
How about a mobile phone headset? Just need to get a mic/headphone splitter and plug into PC. Costs a $ or two.
I use that siberia v2 full size gaming headset and it works ok for me, the sound quality is awesome and surround is great :)
price in Sweden 650 SEK
Im too user of Siberia V2 full size headset. Its very good in every important area: Great surround sound, its huge advantage hear direction of noises clearly. Im heard shitload of wallhack whine becouse im heard footsteps and knew location of enemy so accurately. Its also light and comfortable on head and isolates background noises very well. There is also couple metres extra extension cable included. Im not found any downsides and cant say any bad thing about that headset. Also prize is very reasonable around 80€ here what is much cheaper if compared with other popular headsets for example Razers are +120€. But im always said Razer is over prized ripoff brand. :p
Sennheiser PC350 ... had it for a few years now. Good sound and surround. Really comfortable for long sessions. They have a newer model now I think....PC360.
This is the type of head set I use when playing BF4 :joker:
Really good for long sessions on BF4 and quick to replace when empty, Mic fits right up to the mouth what more can you ask for lol

Beer head set
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Hi all thanks for the suggestions.I finally choose the Logitech G430s that's pretty cool abd Shonda decent so far
Logitech is always reliable choice no matter what you are buying. They makes good quality with reasonable prize and products have 2-3 years guarantee time. My mouse is Logitech G500S, keyboard and speakers are basic models of Logitech. :) Also my previous mouse and keyboard were Logitech. That poor keyboard died to liver failure when i spilled my vodka and orange juice on it. :p
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im using a Scatha approved plantronics headset xD

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