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NRU Heed
we installed a new tool at our Server called "Challenges".

That means, when you write !challenge in ingame chat you can start your own challenge and with passing the challenge your can win a VIP slot for 1 month.

challenge can be acitvated by everyone but it need to have 10 player on the server.

# Preset 1: Shotgun (10x5 kills -> 5 kills with each shotgun)
# Preset 2: Handgun (10x5 kills)
# Preset 3: Sniper/DMR (10x5 kills)
# Preset 4: LMG (10x5 kills)
# Preset 5: PDW (10x5 kills)

when you get it, you will see a message and your name will written in the VIP list.

feel free to have a try. :D

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