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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
I need a new chair for the desk and have been struggling to find a suitable replacement. The last one eventually started to fall apart and a random caster would detach usually during that moment in battle when you don't need it! The resulting rofl was a couple of times a literal comment.

The main problem I have is height. With dodgy knees I need a chair that will go 55cm+ (60cm would be ideal) but so many only go to 50cm. I don't need armrests but I also don't want to spend too much either. Just wondering what you folks use or would recommend. I do need something with wheels as my knees won't bend enough to get under the desk with a static chair. Prefer something with a back but not essential.

ohh..that is also a point for me at the moment. mine is not broken at all but it need to be replace in sometime because it is making scary noises if i am leaning back to watch youtube. also its not in the best conditions anymore. because im also not even a lightweight i am lookting also for a chair with 100-110KG. and than i love the armbars and also a good moveable backrest because i love to lean back and watching movies.

you easy find some decent chairs but there are around 300.- € plus and i am not willing to pay such amount of money. ALDI had a nice chair for just 99.- € in there offers last month but i missed that.
Operator chairs are great and comfortable but the price is :eek:

Mine was making noises too. Too often sounded as though the gas strut was going to end up somewhere you do 't want a gas strut!
When buying chair always check its body is metal. Its just matter of time when plastic shit breaks under you, im seen that 3 times. It needs only one careless moving without lifting your butt enough or one faster sitting down and then you need again new chair. And chair of red guy needs also carry weight of stripper chicks on your lap. :D

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