new bf4 patch

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New Member
12 Mar 2013
bideford uk
Well the new patch makes the game unplayable for me. No graphics and flickering , server lag and stuttering. Only on sever for a couple of mins but well done dice/ea you have now completly fucked it up..
yea ive been using them since they came out its a problem with the sli. disable sli and no texture problems or flickering.
Drink less beer when you play for less lag lol. :welsh: I have sometimes rubber band -effect and i see guys running at same place and after that im dead or disconnected but i bet it's connection problem and my operators fault. One day i got 2-3 disconnects per every round and no more after that shitty day, no patches released in this time.
Oh shit, now i have to hurry up and go fix all vandalism i made as revenge for bad internet.... :( :( *Disarming C4...* Lol just joking. :welsh:
AW: new bf4 patch

I dont know this BF4 makes me with every new update more and more
New patch from Electronic Arsehole means no more problems? What a laugh! Think I'll give this piece of crap software a rest.
Still, this is the first BF game (despite countless crashes, rubber banding and God knows what) that I've reached a decent k/d (pic photoshopped obviously :D ):


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