My week in Norway

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15 Mar 2012
Molndal Sweden
This is the streem just outside the campingplace

IMG 0285

and here is the Catch

IMG 0307

A Beautiful little lake and small stream in 900 m above sea level

IMG 0304

IMG 0306

IMG 0300

Finaly from a small lake in the real high mountain 1200 m above sea level, (last year it was still ice on this lake)

IMG 0311

IMG 0309
Thanks for sharing Teo m8, awesome landscape, looks like a good place to relex.
It realy is relaxing and beautuful i´ve been here many times before but still comes back, its a new discovery each year
Re : My week in Norway

ooh yyyes very nice scenery thank you for sharing ...: D .
you have the chance to fish to salmon (great catch teo) .:)
what a nature... :) Great places you've been Teo

and then theres those of us who havent been on vacation but spend all our time at home while everyone else went on vacation XD ohh well somebodys had to do the admin job while the others are out in the world :p XD
and dead fish is far less worse than eating a big mac ...... imagine the suffering those horses had to go through to become a burger lol

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