My new hobbie

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6 Jan 2013
Battlefield is good, but being able to do the same in real life without too much risk, is better.
And the airsoft is the way.

And thisis my new acquisition: the FN P90

Battlefield c'est bien, mais pouvoir faire la même chose en vrai sans trop de risque, c'est mieux. et pour cela il y a l'airsoft.
Et voici donc ma nouvelle acquisition : le FN P90

P90 1

P90 2

P90 3
Odp: My new hobbie

Cool gun, try not to shoot in the foot :)
True P90 FAN(NY) ;) These toy guns for big boys are nowadays very realistic, im sometimes thought i should try airsoft irl BF too. Aerobic sports are boring but if you go play airsoft you move almost all time at forest terrain and its pretty much same to body but better to mind becouse its propably fun. :p
Re : My new hobbie

Never experienced airsoft.
It looks so small ! Is the real P90 as small !?

So now, you need a djellaba to go to djihad !?
Or a hoot to withdraw money !?

What are the bullets ? Small plastic balls ?

Paintball is not real guns but it's fast bullets with hurting impacts : realistic behaviour !
They are using some in military or police trainings !
he came to my house to let me see :) , that P90 is a very good replica of the real (by the size and weight ) ;-) , test shoots in the garden ( vrey good ) , the target is broken in two at the first ball , hihihi :)
speaking of hobbies

XD here my hobby XD

i know your jealous XD ;-) just admit it :p even if it is bloody cold XD


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