My Hometown in Greece

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17 Mar 2012
Found that nice Clip from my Hometown Thessaloniki for you :)

lol i already was in chrisschrassus hometown ;) only for 5 hours ;) but i was 4 years ago there and made one of my most magnificent vacations in greece i ever had ;) (ok still young cock)
cant hear the bouzouki and baglamas.....

when i was a 19 years old cock i been to Kos-city for holiday
Odp: My Hometown in Greece

nice chriskrass thanks for sharing
I have a question, can I add here video of my town ?
Bless :)
Hm, I recall one of the best looking ladies I ever met was from Saloniki.....ahhhh, good old times ! :D
AW: Re: My Hometown in Greece

nice town and never know that it is such a big town.

After Athens the biggest City in Greece ,round 350.000 Population "registered" and a lot of immigrants from Kosovo,iraq and Afghanistan :)
nice video chriskrass thank you for sharing :) , although i do not like big cities :eek:,i'm more for the campaign :)...
Nice video mate.I like seeing pics and videos of your countries and home towns. I always thought we should do a thread where we can ask questions about one another's countries and cultures as well as favorite food and desserts and customs/ traditions.

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