My hicksville broadband more!!

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Friend of the NRU
15 Mar 2012
Hey cocos and cockettes

For many years Ive endured the indignity of regular taunts relating to my spazzy broadband speeds and how I live in a leafy rural backwater town with crap interweb

I used to get 1 meg speed 'at a push' ffs.

Badger has mocked me plenty and boasted about his turbo speeds up there in fannysville,Scotland....well Im pleased to announce those days are over mmmwhauauauauauuaa

Im now hooked up to Sky fibre and heres todays speed test

No more waiting for me for dwarf porn buffering or game patch updates so bite me coco...this stallion has just been fed steroids and is the new 1/7 fav at Aintree lol


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i was sworn not to say anything but he realy got lost once the sky install team fucked off

but im leeping the 3 questions he asked me a secret because i dont want to make him look silly lmao
Re: AW: My hicksville broadband more!!

Im all updated for BF3 Sweney so now its all bets off and lets go get us a chunky german lad with a girls name and tbag him til he squeals lmao
Lol while spunky has been waiting for his mediocre/decent internet, we are waiting for google gigabit ^^ (they better hurry....)

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