My BF2 serial-key

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20 Oct 2012
Hi guys,


is it possible that i instal my BF2 on my nephews computer,he aked me or i can instal the game for him
now i think it does,but what when we play both at the same time and the same serial

thanks regards Jack
mhh. i dont think it will be run if you play on same time because your game is linked to your origin login. if you login too you will got a error like "ID is still used" or something else.

but you have to think about a othe point. if your nephew is going to do some shit on this like cheating. he got a ban and than this will be linked to your account too.
never know how some "kids" think and handle.

so i would say buy a new copie of bf2. must be around a tenner or so. so you on the save site. ;)
ok thanks....

he looks like stuppid (lol)...but what you say..we never no what kids will doing,i will say sorry to him i can't instal it

there is a bot download BF2 64 singleplayer it required to have bf2 already installed for that....mbey this an option for him

he's a schoolboy age 12 and so he need most of time for his homework,and its no necessary to play online

I think laka told all you need to know. :p Easiest way is just buy new copy of BF2 to kid too, full collection (BF2, Special Forces, Euro whores and Armored whores) costs something like 10€.
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no mod or bot needed for that. bf2 had such a nice singleplayer you can play. just for a boy of 12 it is all he need.

in that way you dont need a new copie. only needed to make a new "offline" account on your nephes pc. so he can play offline all time he will and you can play online at this time too.
will say to him that he his pocket money but should save them up, or look at his dear mother
AW: My BF2 serial-key

the Bf2 Game Costs only 10 EUR 20 with all Expansions i think that can spend the lovley Papa for his little fellow^^
oh, you can install it on his computer from your copy. but than he can only play singleplayer. ;) think thats was you need or not?

yes only for single player..i do not make an account for him and do not patch it...
I think he can play singleplayer while you play multiplayer? And you don't need to activate the game at origin. It's easy to bypass.
will see what I can do for him ... ... thanks for your help......and this thread can be closed

u can install it onto a diff computer and play single player only. i had my bf2 game installed on all the pcs in my house back in the day

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