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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Produce a silly or uninteresting video. The subject can be anything but has to be "safe for work" (hopefully the time restriction should limit some activity). Any camera can be used but technique, skill, lighting etc should not be taken into account when voting.

At the end of the September there will be a vote on it and I will send a home brewed bottle of beer to the winner.


1. Has to be a video of a mundane task
2. Cannot be exciting or interesting
3. Has to be at least 20.42 minutes long
4. Has to be one continuous shot (if the camera splits the files they can be edited together)

Have fun.
very nice idea. :D lol i guess we are well prepared for this event lol

1. Has to be a video of a mundane task2. Cannot be exciting or interesting
3. Has to be at least 20.42 minutes long
4. Has to be one continuous shot (if the camera splits the files they can be edited together) poo session with a newspaper would reach all requirements
Newspaper? What is that? :D

I will post the beer anywhere, should meet most international postage requirements.
Here is my effort. It breaks the time rule but I think that can be dispensed with anyway. The video was taken in one go and did reach the minimum except the GoPro completely locked up after about 12 minutes though I did carry on cleaning two blinds.

I was bored doing it after five minutes but to find the camera had locked was really frustrating! Needed to do it so wasn't all lost.
A new entry from me. Took yesterday to render this video and today to upload and for YouTube to process it.

I give you the ultimate mundane video! 1:39 (that's hours and minutes) of edge of the seat excitement.

can someone explain what happens at 1:01:52 ?

it`s a very exiting moment for me :)

no cheating you have to Watch all the time.
This is indeed movie history in the making. Is there perhaps an editor's cut including "Making of" extras etc. of the epic "Paint drying" masterpiece?
The background to the story is that like most rooms the paint gets marked so as I had to retrieve a bookmark that had dropped behind some drawers I thought I would touch up the paint at the same time.

Filmed using a GoPro Hero 3+ Black at 1080P with NTSC and 60fps. Edited in Final Cut Pro X and the only changes made were balancing the colour. I did have a hard decision regarding the fish-eye effect of the lens and should I correct that. After much deliberation I decided, and my viewers deserved to see it "as is".

With regard to the now infamous "1:01:52 moment" there are several theories behind that. One is that a psychic phenomenon occurred possibly caused by eating too many beans. The other popular theory is that the camera switched from external power to the internal battery. This caused a momentary break in the video stream. The is a viable reason for what happened, except, the camera wasn't using any external power!

Here is the trailer for the film which will be included on the DVD as extras.

For those asking for a directors cut I have Paint Drying x4! However, this is proving less popular than the original release version.
Many thanks Mr demon director! I've actually been to meetings at work (e.g. department quarterly meetings) rivalling the "Paint drying" movie re. thrill and excitement :D
Those meetings are the best - an hour or two of your life you don't get back. So often pointless.

Though Paint Drying is stupid it is useful practice for editing and using the software and so on.
Thanks Glen that was a very theraputic (this word doesnt look right ??) video to relax your mind after a hectic day at work. I watched it several times to make sure I didnt miss any of the important bits. Cant decide whether to rate it as 18+ or PG and have no doubt an Oscar is on its way. :popcorn:
Therapeutic - according to autocorrect it has two Es in it. I would have spelt it the same as you otherwise. Because of the appalling brush strokes which will cause serious harm to any professional painters/decorators 18/R may be appropriate. Suggested to Mrs Wilson that some space be made on a shelf for the Oscar that you suggest will be arriving in 2016 but just got "one of those looks". I'm guessing she isn't confident on that happening.

I'm planning the sequel as I type (I'm a multitasking god). The working title is "Grass Growing). :D

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