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5 Sep 2013
Hi all,

don't think many know me since i mostly play late in the evening/night at your servers, but i do quite enjoy them. Name is Joost, live in Dutchland and not doing any of the typical dutch stereotypes ;) 32, not the youngest, but ive seen some other 'aged' players here. Trying the learn bf3, progressing slowly. Was really hoping to learn how to fly. Can get a heli in the sky and against beginning players like me, i sometimes even get kills with it, woohoo. The plane is a total different story. Can fly, but as soon as some dogfighting comes up i either crash trying to turn or my opponent seems able to make tighter turns and kills me pretty quick. Still waiting for my first kill with it. Anyway, next to bf3 and i also play some WoW and even like some CoD sometimes.

What more....uhm....married, expecting my first kid in 8 weeks. That's about it i guess.

Hope i'll meet more NRU players on the servers

Welkom in het gekkehuis Sev,

Good to CU here m8. If you find me on one of the servers give me a shout and I'll fly with you!

dont do it m8 he will game with you first then ask you ! do you have a web cam ? then he will ask u to show you things you would not be willing to show !
trust me hes a dodgy dutch clogg wearing cock :D
These Coco's somehow have the idea that we "the Dutch" all still sit with our finger in a dike all day while wearing wooden shoes and keeping an eye on our Opel Vectra with Caravan behind it...
But we let them think this while we secretly plan to take over the world ;-)
is it this ?

lmao I don't know how us European types ever managed to fight wars between ourselves, you have me in tears reading this forum
Just ago while drinking a single malt whisky, i just got my first jet kill. Windmillspinned him around ;)

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