moved to a new house

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19 Sep 2012
france , ardeche
hi guys as the title suggests i change the house so no connection for a while ... see you soon ;-) :)
Odp: moved to a new house

To See you the new home, get acquainted with new neighbors, drinking alcohol lters with them, it could take :)
AW: Re: moved to a new house

ohhhh no one to knife on bf3 arrrrrrgg
see ya soon laurent,and dont forget ya c4 :)
I wish you and your family all the best, nao, and I hope to see you very soon. :)
Moving house can sometimes be very daunting and stressful.
I wish you a lot of patience and energy to manage all the necessary tasks as well as joy and happiness in your new home. :)
Re : moved to a new house

How far from your former house ?
We will collect and buy an ethernet wire as long to you !

Good luck and come back quickly !
Re : moved to a new house

I just move to 100 meters to the old, but in a new and better house. Internet thuesday if all it's ok
Re : Re: Re : moved to a new house

I just move to 100 meters to the old, but in a new and better house. Internet thuesday if all it's ok

you moved to fides?? lol NAO log in with your account. hihi :)

good to hear all is fine and you soon be back online.

Oups no its really fides, I do not know why I use the first person. I was on the nao new house this afternoon and I help him to configure his connection, but a problem on the underground cable lated his return ;)
salut tous,
merci à vous tous pour vos commentaires:) ... ulthart: pour l'instant tout va bien (mon ancien voisin me manque encore;-)) laka: Heureusement, je suis au chômage lol;-) ... et oui faire une réinstallation est beaucoup de travail (mais avec une bonne organisation qui va bien);-), oui je reste dans le même village afin que les enfants restent dans la même école;-) ... chriskrass: aiguiser votre couteau i 'm dos hihihi:) psp et Lady_: je vous remercie de votre souhait, il n'a pas été FACIL, mais tout va bien, surtout que les enfants étaient avec nous (nous avions une très bonne organisation);-) Spliffy: 200 m, Quand j'ai ouvert la boîte, il était d'un jaune et un marron soudainement le fil bleu sur le bouton jaune et ... LOOOL Scatha: seulement pour les meubles lourds;-) mais vous avez oublié de marquer votre numéro de téléphone: hihihi)- fides: n ° 100 m 200 m mais lol, merci pour l'info ici, et votre conseil ... Je suis connecté hihihi Donc: ne tous les documents et changement d'adresse, de tout mettre en carton, tout transporter dans ma voiture in la nouvelle maison, plusieurs Voyage à transporter tout en deux jours, de tout mettre dans la nouvelle maison, (tout cela avec 4 enfants) .... j'ai même bêche (champ labouré) le jardin et semer l'herbe lol .... fatigant mais c'est fini .. .:)
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Nao yóu aré lé còck. :welsh: Lots of people here dont understand french more than couple words. ;)
Quel plaisir de te revoir, Laurent.

C’est de tout coeur que nous vous souhaitons tout le bonheur du monde et une vie heureuse dans la nouvelle maison.

Gros bisous à toi et ta famille. :)
hihihi , error mishandling heikk i retranslated ...
greeting all
thank you all for your comment ... :)
ulthart : for now it's going ( i miss my old neighbor ) ;-) ...

laka : fortunately i am unemployed lol ;-) , and yes it's a lot of work demenager ( but we had a good organisation ) , and yes i stay in the same town for to keep children in the same school ...

chriskrass : sharpens your knife i'm back ... ;-)

psp and lady_ : thank you for your desire , it was not easy , especially that the children were with us ;-) , we had a very good organization ;-) :) ...

spliffy : 200 m ,but when i opened the box it was a maroon and yellow button , so , the blue wire on the yellow button and ... lol

scatha : only for heavy furniture hihihi , but you forgot to mark your phone number hihihi ... :)

fides : not 100 m but 200 m , thank you for the info here , and your advice , i am connected hihihi ....

so , do all the paperwork and change of address , put everything in boxes , carry everything in my car until the new house ( to move all must travel several times ) , to put everything in the new house , it took me two days , ( all this with 4 kids ) , i even plows new garden and sown grass lol , tiring but it's over .. ;-) :)

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