Mouse problems? Logitech Customer Support FTW!

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3 Jun 2013
Bonn, Germany
Hi guys,

just to let you guys know (and I heard that chriskrass has a similar problem, I just dont know if he has Logitech):

My mouse (Logitech G400) had repeated dropouts (sounded like I disconnected the USB and it didnt move for about 5 seconds which made me easy prey for snipers haha) and after troubleshooting (Logitech's requirement is connecting the mouse to another PC where the failure could be reproduced) I called customer service.

They have a 3 year warranty after production date - and I just had to take photos of the mouse and the serial number at the bottom. As they dont provide repair service they send me a new one - unfortunately the G400 is not produced anymore so they have to send me the new model G400S - for free!

Hope this helps anyone of you who has a problem with Logitech.
AW: Mouse problems? Logitech Customer Support FTW!

Ya lucky Monkey :)
indeed same Problem here,i installed the mouse a few days before,but the bigger problem is i have had the mouse since 2 years as a Substitut in my cabinet,warranty expited :(
Lolz im said in several computer/keyboard&mouse threads i use very old Logitech wireless mouse and cheap 12€ keyboard (Its new becouse my old one did not like Vodka and orange juice :) ) and i think latest coolest keyboard or mouse dont make good players. I have only my go & kick ass -attitude and cheap basic equipment :p
I used to use Logitech stuff but switched to other brands after repeated problems, mainly drivers and incompatibility. The Razer Deathadder mouse is really good, can't blame that one for my pathetic performance in battle :D
I'm still on a$40 cooler master sentinel advanced mouse.but what game are you playing that u have input lag.I know I Suffer from it in bf4 at times but it comes out of it.

- - - Updated - - -

It sends to be a known problem in the game
Oh that was a general problem, even in this crazy egoshooter "windows 7" where you play an arrow :D

I have a brand new G500s
same prob...

Go for the customer service :D worth a try!

The Deathadder is really nice and light

Yeah I actually was hoping for my mouse to give me a reason to buy a new one ;) but I heard of Roccat, seems similar to razer. Well, I'll have to use my new g400s until it breaks :)
but I heard of Roccat, seems similar to razer. Well, I'll have to use my new g400s until it breaks :)

get a Roccat ;) its german quality work i think its actually the only company that produces mice in germany :D

I have one of those crappy Mad Rat(5???) mice.
Every time i lift the mouse to get it back into the middle of the desk it makes crazy shit and i make 720 degree circles on the battlefield or only y or x axis is still working ^^

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