Monitoring free softwares (Logitech)

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21 Sep 2013
Bordeaux, FR
Hi gamerz ,

I'd like to tell you about several free monitoring softwares, fitting perfectly on Logitech G13, G15 and G19 LCD screens.
Maybe you already know that but ...
I personnaly have an old G15 where we could play at Pong on the screen !

- LCDSirReal : a plugin for Logitech keyboards who provide a lot of infos from your computer on your LCD screen,
- GPU-Z : to monitor your GPU,
- Core Temp : to monitor your CPU,
- FRAPS : to monitor your FPS.

That's what I can see while playing BF4:

LCDSirReal is not totally free and you'll have to pay at least 5€ to remove announcements.
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Re : Monitoring free softwares (Logitech)

So, do you want to play Pong with me !?

Re : Monitoring free softwares (Logitech)

You need a magnifying glass in front of the LCD screen !
I have a useless 17' screen for your monitoring values !
Because, LCDSirReal can't yet display on your mobile phone or tablet !

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