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22 Aug 2012
Staffordshire (UK)
Does anyone here play minecraft and if so what you think ??

Ive seen a few videos on youtube but thats it.

Seems every where you look and read on PC-XBOX-PS3 everybody is raving about Minecraft
Ho-Ho-Hold a motherfucking second!
I live in middle of a wilderness, with a internet connection thought, but still. And you don't know about Minecraft?
Well let me tell you a story.

The game is about surviving for the beginning of the game, and at the later point of the game, it's just about creativity. I used to play the Vanilla "Minecraft with no plugins/mods" Which was pretty interesting for some time. After you've seen everything, you just don't have any other choice thank you start using your creativity. Build castles, do complicated electronic stuff with pistons and stuff etc.
But if you buy the game for PC, you will then have community-made Adventure maps, mini-games, Server plugins (Such like MCMMO what gives levels for like mining and fishing), Which makes the game again interesting. If you have some friends playing with you, definitely buy this one. It's going to be a lot of fun. And if you're interested about playing some awesome mods, still buy this. It is still one of my favorite games, but I just lost interest in the game after playing it for a few years.
not sure but think my son was part of the beta testing it. he's played it for ages. bit too "box-like" for me.
I have to agree TheJmJ. It is a intresting game. When I first saw that game I thought that it is too "box-like", but then I played it with some friends... and it was a lot of fun...
Well, after installing few mods and texturepacks, the game looks pretty.
it's not the graphics. just the concept. sandboxgames even though great ones like minecraft aren't just my thing.

i can understand why it's liked. it's prob much better thatn garrys mod or anything similar because it's more innovative. seen what it can be like in the right hands.
myself and a mate play it over lan when we both have the time. we play with 60+ mods that allows you to build nuclear reactors and more but much more simplified!! it can have its moments but vanilla mc can get quite boring quickly it all depends on your play style and what you want to do within your sandbox. if you have a creative mind then perhaps you could do something like this or most people play in adventure mode and try to survive in a building you've built and with materials you've spent time collecting. it's cliche but the limit is in your imagination if you can get past the blocky nature of the world!

try the demo out on minecraft.net if you're interested Andy and give us a shout if you do buy it, willing to help you out as there can be a slight learning curve to the game, at the very start of the game anyway.

perhaps it might be worth setting up a server if there's enough interest from other members, i don't think the servers cost much at all
my boy plays it....... i dont get it at all but i think with lots of mods it's meant to be good fun

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