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15 Mar 2012
hi all. is anyone going to get metro last night next month it looks great but not sure what the gameplay will be like. did anyone play metro 2033 that could comment?
Ive played metro 2033 and didn't play long, if i remember its full of cuts screens every few minuets or so. pissed me right off.
i'm definately gonna get metro last light cos i loved metro 2033.

it has some small rpg elements in it great graphics and imho there weren't annoyingly many cutscenes. The missions are varied and ammo is scarce so you also have to save it and search the bodies to have enough.
the most memorable moments in the game are guns, environment and missions.
sorry got the wrong game had to fire up metro to make sure, i was thinking of homefront. metro is like stalker and is really good. so yes it will be a good game but thought the developer went bust.
THQ went bust who was the publisher. i played a few hours of metro and if you like corridor shooters then it's good. and as geno said the graphics are good although i found them to be poorly optimised considering the rig i played it on but maybe it's an nvidia game i can't remember
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thanx for the comments may pre order it for pc its download only no retail strange.
i tried to post two vids of each game here when the site acted up.. so mari woulc see what it's about..

METRO 2033

Metro Last Light

it has some hints of stalker but imo a bit more concise and has more dynamic to it. you get more "into" the environment and not that much just stalking the environment.

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