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4 Aug 2012
Hi all and hi Sam'
sorry to be a pain in the arse , i do appreciate how busy you are Sammoz by the way (festive season etc etc ). did you get the pm's i sent you Sam ? i can live with the problem also but am i missing some stuff ?
also a similar problem i have is that if i select Forum then i see little or no threads in the various folders it just says 0 (zero) or like 1 from ages ago and i know there are more due to recent posts.
i can access recent posts/replies by going to new posts which then tells me there arent any then click on "here" and there they are .
today i accessed the forum from a different ip address and computer and did notice the forum link showed all the threads there, got home and now not ?

is anyone else having the same problem ?

thanks for the hard work you have put in sammoz by the way so far ..
regards to all , rich .
Sounds as if it's a browser problem (or a computer one) but which browser are you using?(not sure if I've asked you that before) and have you tried any others just to see?
hi sam was that just a lucky guess lol . logged in with google chrome and seems to be working apart from this post is not shown in new posts ?
hey even my pm are all there ??
i was using internet explorer 8 , hopefully this helps you and others ..... could it be fixed for IE 8 ?
thanks, rich.
Okay i'll look but can't promise anything as it's two versions old and I only have ie 10 (will try it in ie 8 standards mode)
hey no worries if you cant and my windows is xp pro.
just in case it helps anyone else even less pc literate than i am :}
i am fine using google chrome .
I've just looked at the site using IE10 (in IE 8 mode) and using a program called IE Tester which emulates IE8 and all the site functions correctly, forum posts and PM folders etc. So it seems like there's something wrong your end especially with your IE unless anyone else has the same problems.

It only really starts to go bad at IE 6 and under and if anyone is using that it's their own fault lol
I'd suggest :
1. run CCleaner
2. make chrome or firefox default browser
3. update you IE to latest version
4. if things still not change upgradeinstall of win xp pro then win update untill no more updates. since would prob mean OS has bugs.
lol lakaelo ....... old crap :} "we fear change" lol my whole system is a bit crap but i just don't like the new crap. will just use chrome for now , thanks, rich.
maybe one day when i get a NASA handmedown :}
i used to use ie until chrome came out and i havent looked back since
You can update the browser for free.. it is possible to tweak it so it looks more like the old one. adding menu bar, not adding toolbars, keeping the theme classic.
compare it to having an outdated antivirus. it is there but it doesn't do the job properly.

laka is right about the safety. best to have all software updated to latest. especially browsers, windows and antivirus.
thanks for concern geno, will see what i can do . antivirus should be ok though at least :}
chrome seems ok sweeney so i will give it a go otherwise i am screwed for forum .... maybe thats a good thing lol.
see y'all , rich .

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